M5V Team

Sherard McQueen B.A.

Sherard Mcqueen B.A.

Co-Founder, Developer 

In 2001, the York University graduate and psychology major had just relocated to New York City for postgraduate school. During his first week of classes at NYU the terrorist attacks on the twin towers occurred, “It changed my perspective on life. I decided to return home to the place that embraced me as a child and do what I most cherished upon my return, real estate”.

Over the next 15 years, he forged a reputation as one of the city’s brightest real estate minds. Since that time, Sherard has transacted 1 Billion in real estate, personally purchased 75 residential and many commercial investment properties, and co-founded M5V Realty Inc. Brokerage. Quietly he built an empire in what’s soon to be the new empire state. However, what is most meaningful is the tens of millions of dollars he has made for his clients who have entrusted in his unparalleled vision.

Since 2012 Sherard has become a successful real estate developer and currently is building a multi-million dollar; multi-phase project in Orillia and several custom homes in the downtown core.

As a co-founder of M5V Inc, Sherard enlists 15 full time real estate practitioners, offers direct access to realty investments and is responsible for developing some of the most provocative sites in Ontario.

Yaseen Nimjee B.A.

Yaseen Nimjee B.A.

Co-Founder, Developer 

A graduate of Western University, Yaseen has invested in real estate for years but began his career trading securities for a major financial institution.

A longstanding commitment to community service saw Yaseen abandon the high life of Finance and apply his skills, quite literally, at ground level. Together with M5V co-founder, Sherard McQueen, Yaseen helped oversee the construction and opening of Torchlight Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina. The school, which now boasts an enrollment of over 400 students from low-income areas, gave Yaseen the opportunity to pair his entrepreneurial savvy and his hands-on construction skills. It was a skill set that would not be discontinued when Yaseen returned to Toronto and began to make inroads in real estate.

Yaseen's trajectory continues to take him deeper into real estate and now he is the on-site developer for the Sundial Lakeview Retirement Home in Orillia. With a versatile professional background and a sales portfolio of more than half a billion, Yaseen Nimjee brings skills and experience to M5V that are simultaneously broad and value focused.

Linda Ford

Linda Ford.

COO, Broker 

Linda’s passion for real estate began shortly after owning her first home at a young age. Several years and ten properties later, Linda’s entrepreneurial spirit continued to grow, and although she enjoyed a successful career in Marketing with Microsoft, she opted to switch gears and use her skills to market a different type of product: Real Estate.

As a Real Estate Broker, Linda is known as a hardcore Evangelist for her clients’ needs. Linda’s success stems from the strong relationships she builds with her clients, while empowering and educating them in making knowledgeable real estate investments. Whether clients are buying their first home, or they are seasoned investors with large portfolios, Linda strives to deliver a seamless and bespoke experience and most importantly, value to her clients by ensuring she is delivering unparalleled results in every interaction.

Sophia Bailey

Sophia Bailey

Director of Sales, Broker 

Sophia is a licensed broker who has transacted over 500M in real estate over her 20 plus year tenure in the industry.