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Yaseen Nimjee BA

Yaseen Nimjee
Co-founder//Real Estate Developer
B.A, Managing Director

M5V co-founder and Managing Director, Yaseen Nimjee, brings a wealth of experience to the agency. A graduate of Western University, Yaseen has invested in real estate for years but began his career trading securities for a major financial institution. It wasn’t long, however, before he turned his attention from the world of finance to a successful career in real estate.

A longstanding commitment to community service saw Yaseen abandon the high life of Finance and apply his skills, quite literally, at ground level. Together with M5V co-founder, Sherard McQueen Yaseen helped oversee the construction and opening of Torchlight Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina. The school, which now boasts an enrolment of over 400 students from low-income areas, gave Yaseen the opportunity to pair his entrepreneurial savvy and his hands-on construction skills. It was a skill set that would not be discontinued when Yaseen returned to Toronto and began to make inroads in Real Estate.

His next venture was a Toronto-based company called Regroup Development, which specialized in renovating properties in need of environmental remediation. Once again, Yaseen was involved in the project in nearly every capacity, from seeking out damaged properties to rebuilding them.

Yaseens trajectory continues to take him deeper into real estate and now he is the on-site developer for our multi-million dollar project in Orillia. Yaseen is also currently invoived in acquiring over 100 million dollars in other land parcels the M5V inc will be developing over the next few years ranging from multi family residential to large scale hotels.

With a versatile professional background, and a sales portfolio of more than half a billion, Yaseen Nimjee brings skills and experience to M5V that are simultaneously broad and value focused.

D: 416-200-5122
O: 416-595-5575