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Priscilla Facey

Priscilla Facey
B.A, Sales Representative

Priscilla Facey brings an exciting combination of passion and expertise to the field of real estate. At the age of 23, she purchased her first home—a small townhouse in Mississauga, Ontario. When she sold it two years later for a sizeable profit, she realized the lucrative potential in owning real estate.

She then began buying and selling investment properties and eventually became a licensed Realtor. Shifting her focus to the downtown market, Priscilla has developed a unique approach and encourages her clients to use real estate as a vehicle to build wealth. With a keen eye for identifying neighborhoods on the cusp of expansion, Priscilla successfully puts her clients into properties that will benefit both investors and end-users alike.

Her numbers speak to her success: Mere months after joining M5V Realty, she ranked among the firm’s top sellers, with properties sold in the double digits.

With a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto and 6 years experience handling labour disputes for the government, Priscilla has acquired the skills necessary to effectively negotiate for her clients.

A world traveller with an uninhibited compassion for others, Priscilla strives to educate all of her clients, from first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors, on how to utilize real estate in order to bring seemingly out of touch aspirations within reach.

D: 416-722-3431
O: 416-595-5505