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Kayla Van Dam

Kayla Van Dam
Sales Representative

At 15 years of age Kayla went on a house hunt with her parents in Mississauga and decided real estate was her preferred career. She enjoyed the various styles or architecture, exploring diverse areas and ultimately watching her parents negotiate and have an offer accepted on what was then, their dream home. Times changed, as did the idea of the dream home and Kayla and her parents moved a few more times throughout her adolescence. With each move she became more involved with the process and learned more about the nuisances of the real estate profession. Kayla went onto college where she majored in business and then into a successful career with one of the most prominent mortgage lenders in Canada. During her tenure she excelled and became lead retention specialist, obtaining or preserving millions of dollars of business for her employer. Once she reached the pinnacle of her profession Kayla made the predictable decision to pursue real estate full time. Already with an impressive real estate portfolio and extensive knowledge of the industry, M5V recruited Kayla to join our brokerage as a real estate concierge. Kayla has been on all sides of the real estate transaction from buyer, investor, seller and mortgagor. She has a wealth of information which she graciously imparts on all of her clientele.


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